Saturday, October 29, 2011

First day of school

Hunter started school at the beginning of this term. We are in South Australia, where currently they have 4 intakes of reception per year.  That means the child can start the next term after they turn 5! Hunter was 5 in September, so was able to start school at the beginning of term 4.

He has seperation anxiety issues (just the drop off bit - he is fine once I'm gone) I thought starting him this term will do him the world of good, just to get him used to it.  Then next year he will do a full year of reception - so 5 terms all up!

Hunter had been to the transition visits and had met some new friends so he was excited to be starting school - he packed his lunch box 3 days before he actually had lunch at school. But as the day drew near he got more and more nervous.  On his first day he decided he didn't want to go. I dropped him off, and he didn't want me to leave so his teacher suggested I stayed for roll call.  I stayed for roll and then left him crying his little eyes out. It's hard for a parent to leave a child like that, however I'm used to it as he was the same at childcare and kindy.  I picked him up at lunchtime (they only did half a day for the first day) and he had had a good day.

Then in his second week he had his first afternoon of after school hours care - this again caused some grief - but once he was there he had a good time. He will go to after school care two days per week.

He has now been 8 days and is getting used to the routines.  He is enjoying getting a new reader everyday and playing in the playground at lunch!  He has even been invited to a birthday party.  Drop-offs are still hard - but from all accounts he is enjoying himself and I trust we will get there.

Do you have any first day of school stories?

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