Wednesday, February 23, 2011

4 Beautiful Gifts for Babies 0-6 Months and a Giveaway.

by Louisa from Everything is Edible

When you are pregnant with your first bubba it's all so exciting and wonderful and overwhelming!

And oh-my-oh-my the stuff! It's beautiful and appealing and you think you need it all.

When Bliss was born I was simultaneously awed by the all the beautiful things and flabbergasted. Did one little baby really need all of that???

The Architect, not really big on kids stuff, managed to convince me not to buy anything much. So I didn't. We happily cruised along on the hand-me-downs of generous friends and the few random things I bought on impluse.

What I missed out on were all the really gorgeous, high quality items that would actually have been worth the investment.

So, when I discovered I was pregnant with Bear I deciced it was my time. I finally felt I could sort through the myriad and choose some items that would be loved, used and stylish.

These are some of my favourite items for a bubba that will be used, and loved,
You just can't go past a good rattle - a little jingle, a good chew.
Every bubba's perfect toy!
Another perfect pick for little fingers gaining strenght and coordination.
This chew and look toy will grow with your bubba.
I didn't get a baby bath for Bliss but took the plunge second time round.
It's SO handy to be able to bathe a bubba hands free.
Not to mention that this is just so gorgeous!
This last one is actually my favourite.
I think he is just gorgeous!
My little boy loves his squishy bear and I am sure yours will too!

Would you like to win a $50 Gift Voucher to spend on TOYS at Little Yo Yo Styles?

1. Become a Follower of this blog
2. Simply visit Little Yo Yo Styles have a look around
3. Come back and leave a comment saying what your favourite gift for a baby would be.

The winner will be chosen by Random.Org on Sunday 6th March. What are you waiting for?


  1. I can't go past the gorgeous gift suitcases! They are so sweet and just a lovely addition to present the perfect gift in celebration of a new little life! Soooooo many gorgeous styles & colours to choose from!

  2. Hi Anon, Can you leave a name or contact info of some sort so we can let you know if you are the winner? Ta x

  3. Oh, it's so hard to choose just one thing. If I must (and I obviously must), I'd say the Ernie&Bird Hoot Owls. How gorgeous are they?!

  4. Aromaplay. Looks fun and gets a few senses going at the same time! Plus you can use it playgroups and don't need to worry about kids having allergies. (

  5. I Love the travel Pillows as we do so much travelling with the kids and they would LOVE them....also i love the tidy books bookcase..we love books in our house! GREAT site, love their stuff Lou! was that where you got the present for Bliss?? mother garden stuff??

  6. I love the babyburrito organics sleep sacks but everything from Little YoYo Styles is so great !! Thanks for this cool giveaway !!

  7. Great post, Louisa! That bath is so cool!

  8. I love the travel pillows. Oh so cute. We live away from family so travel at least 4 times a year. Last time we flew my son used my neck pillow so I was left with nothing.

  9. That bath is definitely my favorite, I've never seen anything like it, amazing!!! x

  10. Love the baby burrito sleep sacks, and some very cute bibs! All gorgeous.

  11. The baby bath is awesome! Would be perfect for my slippery little 7 week old baby. I also love the Naforye Baby Bib - Full Coverage (Pink Cake) we go through bibs like crazy!

  12. Ohh I love the SleepiSpaces Classic Timber Stand with the Wall Flower Cherry bedlinen. Not really a gift for the baby but I as a mum would love it in our baby J's nursery! And I would love the WillowBlue Brandi nappy bag to carry all her goodies in style.
    Following as S. Franssen

  13. I love the anpanman romper, so so sooo cute :)

  14. I adore Baby Tama the Tortoise, I also really like the rocking horse.

    Atoxim at gmail dot com

  15. i love the babyburrito organics sleep sack - green trike - it is just too cute plus its organic :)

  16. Wean Machine - I dare anyone to receive this as a gift and not love it!

  17. I love the flexi baths, great concept, haven't seen these before would make a wonderful present. Hayley

  18. Love the baby burrito sleep sacks.

  19. The bath is fantastic! Would love that.

  20. I a in love with buying my 5 kids different block sets like the 'mother garden - wooden castle block set' they really encourage imagination and playing together :)
    angelbaby-0023 AT

  21. Those are perfect gifts for babies. Colorful and soft toys are made for them.

  22. Those are good gifts for babies. Babies are soft skin so we need to take care of them and give them gifts that really suitable for them. Hope to see more here. Thanks !

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