Friday, January 13, 2012

WillowBlu bags - product review

By Bec,

I needed a new handbag and kept eyeing off the WillowBlu bags. They cost more than I usually spend (the last handbag I got was on sale for $50 from Harbour Town!) so I was a bit aprehensive to spend that  much on a bag but boy am I glad I did!

Once I had decided I was going to purchase one of these bags for myself, I then had the agonizing decision of what bag to get.  I really wanted a black bag to replace my black one which broke so I ummed and arred for ages and then made a decision. Turned out the one I wanted wasn't available in black after all- so I got it in distressed brown!!  I love the distressed brown!  I'm so glad the black wasn't available.  It's different to what I'm used to and a change is great. I've had so many comments from friends on this bag! It's comfy, it fits a lot in and it's stylish!

The leather is so so soft.  The one I got has heaps of pockets, which is great for storing different things. Pockets on either end which I use for my mobile phone and Savannah's dummy! And a zip to do it all up so I don't lose all the stuff I manage to keep in there!

The bags are under the nappy bag section of the Little Yoyo Styles website - but I found this one is too small for a nappy bag (I was after a handbag not a nappy bag so it suits me to a tee), so make sure you check out the measurements if you want a nappy bag.  But otherwise I suggest you treat yourself! I didn't have a nice handbag as I was always taking my nappy bag, and on the odd occassion I was going out on my own I didn't have a bag to use!  Well now it's used daily!

Check out the range of WillowBlu bags stocked at Little Yoyo Styles!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


By Bec,
What does summer mean to you?  To us it's jumping on the (new) trampoline (it's early here hence no hat or clothes - but he does have sunscreen on!!), swimming in Grandma and Grandpa's pool, BBQs, late nights, family movie nights, and enjoying spending time together. It's great that summer coincides with Christmas and my work holidays, so we can sleep in and have fun in the sun!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

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