Friday, January 13, 2012

WillowBlu bags - product review

By Bec,

I needed a new handbag and kept eyeing off the WillowBlu bags. They cost more than I usually spend (the last handbag I got was on sale for $50 from Harbour Town!) so I was a bit aprehensive to spend that  much on a bag but boy am I glad I did!

Once I had decided I was going to purchase one of these bags for myself, I then had the agonizing decision of what bag to get.  I really wanted a black bag to replace my black one which broke so I ummed and arred for ages and then made a decision. Turned out the one I wanted wasn't available in black after all- so I got it in distressed brown!!  I love the distressed brown!  I'm so glad the black wasn't available.  It's different to what I'm used to and a change is great. I've had so many comments from friends on this bag! It's comfy, it fits a lot in and it's stylish!

The leather is so so soft.  The one I got has heaps of pockets, which is great for storing different things. Pockets on either end which I use for my mobile phone and Savannah's dummy! And a zip to do it all up so I don't lose all the stuff I manage to keep in there!

The bags are under the nappy bag section of the Little Yoyo Styles website - but I found this one is too small for a nappy bag (I was after a handbag not a nappy bag so it suits me to a tee), so make sure you check out the measurements if you want a nappy bag.  But otherwise I suggest you treat yourself! I didn't have a nice handbag as I was always taking my nappy bag, and on the odd occassion I was going out on my own I didn't have a bag to use!  Well now it's used daily!

Check out the range of WillowBlu bags stocked at Little Yoyo Styles!

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