Monday, February 21, 2011

Meet The New Bloggers on the Block

Recently, the Little YoYo Styles blog added three new bloggers to bring you posts about everything from product reviews to recipes, parenting and Post Natal Depression. Before the first post goes live, an introduction seems appropriate. Here's a little about each blogger;

Hi, I'm Louisa. I am married to "The Architect" and we have two children, Ginger Bliss who is almost 3 and Little Bear who is 4months. We live in Melbourne with our large piece of fluff, Rumple. I love kids clothes and toys and sometimes it feels like our house is over run by the stuff. The Architect does not love these things. He loves books, music and art. Thankfully, we do too and he and Bliss can often be found dancing round the house together. I'm looking forward to contributing to the Little Yo Yo Styles blog and sharing with you some beautiful pieces for your beloved little ones as well as meandering the parenting journey and "hot spots" with you. When I'm not writing here you can find me on my personal blog Everything Is Edible.


Hi, I’m Bec.  I’m a Mother, I’m a wife.  I’m a sister, I’m a daughter.  I’m an employee, I’m a volunteer.  My children are Hunter, 4 and Savannah, nearly 2. It just seems like yesterday Hunter was born, but here we are with him starting school later in the year.  When I’m not in any of my “roles” I love reading, gym classes and scrapbooking.  Since having my daughter I’ve developed an obsession with nice girly clothes, hence her wardrobe would cloth a small country.  I love finding new, useful and special products, so look forward to sharing these with you.  I also enjoy activities with the kids, so will be writing about some of the things we get up to.  I look forward to sharing our journey with you.  


Hi, I'm Becky. I have been married to my best friend for almost 4 years now and in these 4 years we have gone from a family of 2 to a family of five. My three little Munchkins; Ellie, 3, Kahlei, 2 and Jasper 3 months, keep me on my toes and entertained. I spend my days playing and crafting, not to mention cleaning, cooking and general running around. I have dabbled in Digital Scrapbook designing, my life long dream was to be a novalist, I still dream of selling some of my photographs and I love to blog, so I am still finding my purpose in life. I look forward to sharing play and craft ideas and those general life moments as well as sharing some of my journey with Post Natal Depression with you. When not posting here you can find me at

Thanks for joining us. We look forward to getting to know you and would love to hear from you the sorts of things you'd like to find in this blog.

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