Wednesday, March 2, 2011

4 Stunning Gifts For The Little Girl(s) In Your Life.

Have you shopped for a little girl lately? There is an abundance of gorgeous little girls toys on the market - we are spoilt for choice. How do you choose the items that your little girl will most enjoy? I'm going to help you with that today by sharing some of the most played with toys in our house. Get ready to fall in love!

I have to start with the best:  Mother Garden. Have you seen the range? Beware. You will fall in love! I am not a huge pretty-in-pink-girl but this range is just breathtaking. It's so fun and well made. We gave Bliss the Toaster Set for Christmas and she plays with it every single day. We have picnics, we make breakfast, the teddies are fed. It goes on and on. She loves it! And she's not the only one.... :)

The cake and tea set is also beautiful. What I love about these two sets in particular is the inclusion of a tea set.

And of course, Bags, Bags, Bags!

It starts at an early age but there is no denying that little girls love their bags. This is a gorgeous basket just perfect for pretend play and an outing with Mummy!

My Bliss was given a teepee for her second birthday and it's been a huge hit. Lots of independent  and corporate play happens with it and I love that we can use it inside  and outside!

Finally, little girls just love jewellery and I just adore this necklace and the hair clips.

What are the favourite toys in your house? Do you have a particular item that you regularly give as gifts to little girls. Would love to hear what you enjoy the most!


  1. This are a lot pink. My youngest would definitely love these.

  2. My daughter loves to check on your blog. Everything is awesome according to her


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