Friday, March 4, 2011

AromaPlay - Sniff Snuff

By Bec
What a fantastic idea. My children love play dough and I have been thinking of trying AromaPlay for a while. I love that it’s suitable for coeliac children who can’t play with the popular commercial play dough and I love the idea of creating scents whilst playing. AromaPlay has a rainbow of colours and scents available, so there is one for every mood. The instructions state the play dough is 100% Gluten free and is not only fun and colourful but is also natural, non toxic and biodegradable. AromaPlay will liven or soothe your child with the release of aromatherapy oils into the air as they create. 

We tried Sniff Snuff, which is great for kids with colds and runny noses. It smells of eucalyptus and was just devine. This dough was so soft and squishy...the kids loved it and I loved it. I’ve found other commercial brands quite tough, but this just felt so nice to mould and squish. The packaging states not suitable for under 3’s, but my almost 2 year old had a ball playing with it!
I’m not sure how the different scents would go together – and to be honest don’t think I would try as my kids seem to mix all the colours so we would just get a big blob of colours and scents, but I will definitely get a few more colours to play (individually) for different moods.

At $9.90 per tub it is a little more expensive than other brands, but I think the benefits of including aromatherapy, being natural, biodegradable and very soft make it worth the price.

There are many advantages to playing with dough. The ones most relevant to me are:
  • encourages imaginative play – my son made a bean bag and lots of aliens!
  • dividing it up helps teach about sharing, counting and fractions
  • it helps to strengthen muscles by squeezing, punching, poking, rolling and cutting
  • it’s great for self esteem as there is no wrong creation
  • And don’t forget – it’s FUN!

 Check out the range of AromaPlay.  

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  1. AromaPlay sounds really cool. I haven't heard about it before. Great Blog Bec :)


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