Friday, March 18, 2011

Safe Sippy2

By Bec

The Safe Sippy2 is a stainless steel, BPA free, convertible sippy to straw cup, with a travel plug. The handles are removable, but not only that they are movable so the spout is always in the right spot (there is nothing worse than screwing a lid on a cup and the spout being over the handles making it hard to drink).

I got a little confused with the instructions, but once I worked it out it was actually quite easy. Dark orange valve is the no-spill travel part, the clear valve is for sippy cup and the light orange valve and straw is for straw cup.

But laugh at my expense, I was pushing and pushing to try and get the the straw through the spout, to drink out the straw. My 4 year old said to me “that’s not going to work Mum" and showed me how to use it! The straw goes in the cup and the child drinks through the spout – I thought the straw was for drinking out of.

My children got a bit confused in straw mode. As you can’t see the straw, they didn’t realise it was in straw bottle mode and both my (almost) 2 year old and 4 year old kept tipping it up to drink and were getting frustrated when they couldn’t get much water. We gave up on straw mode and just used normal cup mode.

Originally I though the additional non-spill plug valve was going to be a pain to use. I figured it was something extra I have to take anytime I want to put the cup in my bag (which would be all the time). But in actual fact when I did it, it was easy. I just put the travel plug in the cup and chucked it in my bag, and put the other bits in a snap lock bag in my bag. It was simple to swap over when needed. And that travel valve is FANTASTIC!! No spills whatsoever! This is truly the first no spill cup I’ve used!

I love the colours this cup comes in, and at $24.95 it’s great value.
Check out the Safe Sippy2.

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