Friday, April 15, 2011

Colours, preservatives and ice-cream

By Bec

The best treat for a child.  The look on their faces when they have that first, and second, and third lick.  It's priceless!  We have been undertaking a no colours trial with my son to see the effect colours have on his behaviour, so have been eliminating all artificial and some natural colours.  When he wasn't having colours we were unsure as whether it was helping his behaviour.  But as soon as he went back on them his behavour was crazy, hypo, a little aggressive, so we concluded the colours were having some effect.  The natural colour to look out for is 160b, which is in (amongst other things), ice-cream, margarine and yoghurt.  So ice-cream has been off the menu for a while (and especially the rainbow flavoured ice-cream they ate below - choc full of colours!).  But you can't not have a special treat on a birthday, so the kids tucked into the rainbow icecream.   

Of course it meant he was up all night after all those colours, but the enjoyment on his face whilst eating was well worth it (for a every now and then treat).  And I've since found a couple of colour and preservative free ice-creams (Peters Original and Smooze) so the kids can have the treat without the erratic behaviour.

Does anyone have any experiences with colour free and preservative free diets?

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