Thursday, April 28, 2011

Motivating Mums

by Becky from
As a mother suffering severe Postnatal Depression I have found a passion for finding ways to shine a light on this illness and do my part in removing the stigma surrounding it.

In my own struggles I have been 'prescribed' Me Time by my doctor and so I have started a series of posts highlighting my attempts at fulfilling this important but difficult to manage task. Through my posts I hope to motivate other mum's out there to do what they can to look after themselves so that they can be the best mum they can be.

This month has seen a change in format, as I had originally aimed to post weekly about what I had done for myself - a bit of an over-reach given I have three children under 4.

Also this month, Little YoYo Styles has sponsored my April It's ALL About YOU Giveaway.

I would love for you guys to pop over, join in and enter. Help me spread the all important Mummy Me Time message!!

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