Friday, July 29, 2011

Style Camouflage truck pant (with bag) - Product review

By Bec

I bought these pants for my son as he loves "Army Man" pants and these have been a winner!  I would say these are my 4 year old's favourite pants (he is wearing them as I type)!  They are really comfortable for him - he is normally a tracky pants kinda boy - doesn't like jeans as they are too stiff.  The camoflauge pants are just as comfortable as tracky pants, but nice enough to wear out!

His favourite part of the pants is his "Army mission pouch" (the bag).  It is supposed to go at the back - but Hunter can't see it there - so he clips his onto the front!  He loves collecting treasures so in the "Army Mission Pouch" they go!

I thought the sizing was on the small size.  I bought Hunter (4 years old) size 120 - which is for 5-6 year olds, thinking he would get this year and next year out if it, however he would have out-grown them in the legs by next year. 

They are currently on sale for $21.60 - at that price I'm thinking of getting another pair for Hunter in the next size up!  Check out the Camouflage pants.

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