Friday, August 26, 2011

Invisible friends

By Bec,

Hunter and Bak (if you can't see Bak you don't have special powers - I'm told he is on the slide)

We have gained a new house guest. He isn’t always here, but visits quite frequently. His name is Bak. Nigel (hubby), Savannah and I can’t see him.  We don’t have special powers. Hunter on the other hand can see him, talk to him and play with him. Aparently Hunter has special powers that enable him to see things we can’t see. They also enable him to not be hungry. Wouldn’t that be awesome at lunch time – think of all the money we could save on our grocery bill if we all had that particular power.

But back to Bak, initially he was 15 years old. But more recently I was told, “Mum I was just kidding, Bak is only 5. But when I turn 5 he will turn 6”.  Bak ensures Hunter is never alone, always has someone to talk to and always has someone to play with.  And of course Bak is the one who comes up with ideas to do silly things that Mum and Dad wouldn't like.  That Bak is a cheeky little boy!

It's always Bak's fault......

Hubby – Hunter please stop making that noise
Hunter – I’m not here
Hubby – well who is making that noise
Hunter – it’s Bak
Hubby – well can you please ask Bak to stop making that noise.

Bak often comes to the playground with us, we have to strap him into the middle car seat. And of course he sleeps in bed with Hunter.  I haven't had to cook for him (perhaps he has the special powers like Hunter that make him not hungry).  Bak has recently gained a new friend - Velmba.  Yep, Velmba is invisible too.  Velmba is 10, oh actually Hunter said he just turned 11.  WOW, 2 invisible friends.  Our house is getting full!  It's nice to have these friends visit, even if I can't see them.

Do you ever have visitors you can't see?

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