Friday, August 12, 2011

Meal Planning

By Bec,

My variation of a Meals by Mel recipe - I made tuna burrito pie

In today's society we are all busy, and it seems we all need to save a few bucks here and there.  It's no secret menu planning is a great way to save both time (no more, what are we going to cook for dinner tonight) and money (you only buy the food you need so no waste).  

Meals by Mel makes menu planning a breeze!  I've been using Meals by Mel for 18 months now, and don't know how I would live without her!!!  For an annual subscription of $29.95 Mel provides recipes for 5 main meals per week, including nutritional information.  And here is the best bit - it includes the shopping list.  How awesome is that!  Not only do you have tasty, nutritious meals, but the shopping list for the 5 meals.  I just add on my regular bits and pieces, milk, bread, fruit and the food we need for daily lunches and I'm all set to order (I shop through coles online - another time and cost saving tip!).  There are 4 weeks worth of meals on the website at any one time.  And you can get an email each Thursday to tell you when the new week's meal plan is up, and where to access it.   

I've found that having 5 meals per week great, as it gives you a couple of nights to do your own thing - go out, make your family favourites or have left-overs.

The recipes use healthy, fresh ingredients.  And one of the advantages is you have different meals each week.  I found we were in a food rut, having the same meals week after week.

Before you sign up you can check out a sample menu and there are also sample recipes.  Membership also includes access to Mel's entire recipe collection.

The best creamy chicken and corn soup!!
Tonight we made the tuna burrito pie pictured at the top.  I improvised and made it into a pie.  The recipe was to wrap the buritos,but that's fiddly so I just layed it like a lasagne/pie.  And last night we made the best creamy chicken and corn soup.  The kids gobbled down a big bowl each, and hubby and I went back for seconds.

For recipes, check out Meals by Mel

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