Thursday, March 24, 2011


by Becky from

Four years ago tomorrow my dear Other Half and I were married in a private ceremony in Broome, Western Australia. It was beautiful.

4 years has gone so fast. I suppose having added three little people to our lives in that time has helped with the whole speeding-up-of time thing.

As I have been happily perusing the Little YoYo Styles store, I thought I would share a list of things I would LOVE to receive for a fourth anniversary present.

I saw the Pink Gingham Gift Suitcases first and love, love, LOVED them. Then, noticed the Blue Gingham. *Die*. A few more clicks and I found the multicoloured Gift Suitcases. I want them all. Yes, when I say them all I mean all. three. sets. Decorative? Check. Cute? Of course. Practical?Indeed. Perfect photography prop?  OMG yes!

Now, with so many adorable suitcases I figured I would need many, many stylish things to fill them. And as I am obsessed with photography I am looking at things and wondering if they'd make perfect additions to shoots with my kids; so if my choices seem strange, that might be why (or I might just still be a kid at heart)!

I {adore} hats

I can't totally see my girls in these!

Something cute for my hair
Something cute for their hair
Is this not the best cushion, ever?
Yes, most of those are purely to make my kiddos adorable, which makes my heart full, so that I can snap away with my camera. I can't help it. I am obsessed! Just for me, I would want;


And of course those three sets of suitcases. I'm not asking for much, surely.

What would YOU ask for?
If you want to read more about our wedding in Broome; visit tomorrow!


  1. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary Becky. You definitely deserve the bag and neckace (and all the things to make the kids look adorable!)


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