Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm the new mummy blogger

by Victoria

Hi, I'm the new mummy blogger at Little YoYo Styles, Victoria B. I'm glad to be a part of Little Yoyo Styles mummy blogging team comprising Bec, Becky and Louisa.

Originally from Singapore, I was introduced to the beauty of Australia when I commenced and completed my university studies at Gippsland. It was at university that I met my then-boyfriend and now-husband, Mr B. After university, I returned to Singapore for 6 years to work (we did nurse a 6 year long-distance relationship) and then made the permanent move to rural Victoria in 2005. The change from city living to country living took abit of an adjustment initially. Although I wouldn't say I'm totally comfortable being a country girl, I think I'm getting closer everyday.

My university qualification is in journalism and communications and I'm currently studying for my planning one. I worked for 6 years in the arts industry in Singapore and loved it. When I made the move to Australia, I was fortunate to have a journalism job for almost 2 years before deciding on a career change in 2007 in statutory planning with the state government. I am presently working for a local council in strategic planning.

In 2009, our little gem, Miss P, was born. The past 19 months have been such a journey of discoveries, experiences, ups, downs and understanding how torturous sleep deprivation can be. However, we are now in a good place at the moment primarily because Phoebe has been sleeping really well for the past few weeks.

As we meander through motherhood and childhood, I hope to hear about your experiences even as I share mine.


  1. I found your blog at the Circles of Mom page. I was one of your first votes!

    Will you consider voting for me? Here's the direct link:

  2. Hi Traci, thank you for voting for our blog. I've just voted for yours. Keep writing.... ;O)

    Hi Becky, thanks so much. I'm so glad to be part of the team of mummy bloggers! =O)

    ~ Victoria

  3. Welcome Victoria...I look forward to reading your blogs!


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