Friday, May 20, 2011

Anpanman hooded beach towel - product review

By Bec

He is not un-happy - we just have problems getting him to smile on camera (my camera isn't fast enough to catch it)!

Not being Japanese, my kids don't know who Anpanman is.  I read on the product tag that he is huge in Japan.  So I spoke to my Japanese friend, who, when I paid closer attention I saw, had Anpanman products everywhere, and yep it's true!  Anpanman is HUGE in Japan.

Despite not being Japanese, my kids loved this towel. My son loved how he could be his own super-hero.  Hunter is 4.5 years old, so you can see the towel would be a good fit from toddlers right up to about 5.  It fit my 2 year old, with more towel around the legs, and she loved how she was kept warm front and back.  All the other hooded towels we have you still have to hold around you to keep your front warm.  Not this one, it has towel at the front and back - quicker drying.  Coming into winter that's important!

Stand out from the crowds with this towel.  It would be a great towel for the beach or swimming lessons.

Check out the  Anpanman hooded beach towel now, currently on sale for $20.05.

Now mind the quality of the video (and the mess of the house)...just showing how my son had fun playing with the towel!

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