Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chicken stock

By Bec

If you have read my previous post about colours, preservatives and ice-cream you will know we did a trial of no colours for my son to see the impact it has on his diet.  Since then we have moved on to also cutting out preservatives and additives.  When I checked the ingredient list of chicken stock I was shocked, really shocked to see the ingredients.  Every single ingredient was on the no list - the ones to avoid.

I had heard of people making their own stock, chicken or vegetable, but always thought, "gosh there is no way I can do that, way too fiddly and hard".  Well was I wrong.  I dug out my Failsafe Cook book (by Sue Dengate) and found an easy recipe.

Here is what I did:
Skinned a whole chicken
Put the skinned chicken in a large saucepan (whole)
Chopped up a leek and 2 stalks of celery put in the saucepan
Put in some dried parsley and sea salt
I then filled the saucepan with water, so the entire chicken was covered.
Popped the lid on the saucepan, and left it to simmer for 2 hours.
Then strain the liquid, chuck the veggies and eat the chicken!

Oh wow, my house was smelling so wonderful after an hour!  And at the end of it I had a HUGE (read huge, I think it will last me all year) pot of chicken stock, and one tender, juicy cooked chicken.  I've been using the chicken in salads and sandwiches...boy is it delicious!

The stock I have been freezing in my awesome QUBIES (ice cube trays will do) and then putting into zip lock bags.  It will also last a few months in your fridge in an air tight container.  And now whenever I need chicken stock, I grab a cube and pop it into my dish and I have the most delicious, "additive free" stock!!

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