Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Plunger Sucker Stand Review

by Becky from beckyandjames.com
When I first received these Plunger Sucker Stands to review I was a tad skeptical that they would work, though cute I couldn't imagine them being very practical. With sickness, moving, teething a busy house and a hospital stay I didn't get to properly test them for some time.
When my mum ordered her iPhone4, I let her have a play with mine so that once hers arrived she would know exactly what to do and suddenly I remembered the little Sucker Stands and got one out for her.
My mum, an avid lover of all things gamey was soon blasting her way through Angry Birds, which was a little bit annoying as I am SO bad at that game! As an accessory for playing all the wonderfully addictive iPhone games out there, the Plunger Sucker Stand is all kinds of wonderful.
Assuming you have a surface to sit it on then you're good to go for easy game play.
It's also great for use as a general stand at night and I have just started using it when I blog from the iPhone. So long as you get the sucker attached properly then there's no slipping or tumbling over which makes using the keyboard easy and not having to use my thumbs to type is a big plus.
You can buy the Plunger Sucker Stand here; it is normally $10 but is currently half price.

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