Friday, June 24, 2011

Amazing Drumming Monkeys

By Bec

We have had the pleasure of checking out the Amazing Drumming Monkeys on numerous occassions - we have even travelled to country South Australia to see them.  Most recently we saw them last weekend when they had a performance in the Adelaide mall.  My kids absolutely loved them!  They are drumming puppet monkeys - Congo and Bongo and provide messages of sustainability in a fun, entertaining way!  They get you up and dancing and just having fun!

Their songs are so catchy, even I enjoy listening to them.  At the end of the show my 4 year old asked for a DVD, so we ended up buying the DVD and CD.  It's a CD I enjoy listening to in the car! 

Check out their website to see some of their songs and to see where they will be performing.  If they aren't going to be near you anytime soon, you can always purchase a DVD!!

Amazing Drumming Monkeys

Here is us doing the Monky dance!!

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