Friday, June 3, 2011

CARS Truck Tour 2011

By Bec

With the movie Cars 2 due to be released soon my hubby and 4 year old are bursting out of their boots. They loved the first Cars movie (hubby more so than my son I think) and are both very excited to see the second one.  With that in mind we were all very excited when we heard that MACK the Transporter was going on a Truck Tour.

We got there just after 12 noon when they opened, and lined up to get in.  Once we were in, there were different activities to do.  First we lined up to drive the slot cars.  Savannah decided not to do this, but Hunter had fun. 
Slot cars with Dad.
Next they had a 3 minute ride on the go karts.  These were great, they had stop signs, give-way signs, red/green lights and roads to follow.  The kids stopped at the appropriate times, so gave them an idea of road rules.  The little legs found it hard to reach the pedals so needed a parent to push. Savannah made it difficult as she was steering all over the place (but of course wouldn't let Mummy help steer).  Hunter could reach the pedals so he was good on his own.

Savannah - go kart
Hunter - go kart

And they got a photo with the piston cup!  
The piston cup - brother, sister and cousin!

There was also a colouring in tent - where there were lots of CARS related colouring sheets.  Hunter did one in the tent and we took one of each home and Hunter spent the afternoon at home colouring.  One of them involved making a piston cup, so involved colouring, cutting and sticking.  Hunter really enjoyed this one at home.  And for the older kids, you could line up to get on MACK and play a playstation game.  All these activities were free of charge.

If you wanted to spend money, you could get your photo taken with a CARS theme background, and they had a merchandise stand with show bags and CARS plush toys.  I was quite happy that we walked away without spending any money!!!

It was definitely worth a trip.  We were there about an hour all up - but an enjoyable hour. 

The truck tour is still happening in various places around Australia, so to find out more about the truck tour and to see if there is one near you click here.

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