Sunday, June 5, 2011

What's in a Name?

Our family welcomed a new golden retriever puppy on Monday. Miss P loves Jemima from Playschool best and she has a Jemima doll. But her next favourite character from Playschool is Meeka, and that's why Mr B decided to name our puppy Meeka.

That made me think about the reasons why we choose names for our children or pets. I love that there's a story behind my name. My mum told me that when she was in labour, she hadn't yet chosen a name for me. However, after she was in labour for a while, the nurses started to speak in hushed tones and were looking back at her then at each other. Every time she asked them what was wrong, they denied anything was wrong. When the doctor arrived, he told my mum that they couldn't detect my heartbeat and so presumed I had died. The doctor, thankfully, did not give up hope, and continued to hook my mum up to a machine and tried for a while to detect my heartbeat. When he found a weak heartbeat, he instructed my mum to start pushing and I was born. My mum said that was a victory and so named me Victoria.

There is also a reason why Mr B and I gave Miss P the middle name of Isla. As I was originally from Singapore, an island-nation like Australia, we thought that Isla, which means island, amongst other meanings, would remind Miss P of her Singaporean and Australian heritage.

Is there a story behind how your name was chosen or how you chose your children's or pet's names? I would love to hear them!

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  1. My son's middle name is Trae - which is ater the main character from boys in the hood - which was the first movie hubby and I watched together.

    My daughter's middle name is Lainee - and named after my mother in law who passed away 3 weeks before our wedding. Her name was Elaine, so we have moved the E from the front and put it at the end.

    Both my children also have my maiden name as their 3rd name (so 4 names each).


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