Saturday, July 16, 2011

Product Review: bObles Chicken

by Victoria

I was excited when I saw the product that I was going to review: the bObles Chicken, one of a range of bObles tumbling animals. As I have not heard of this product before, I did a google and youtube search on it. The following was the description of the range of bObles tumbling animals that I found on their website.

The bObles Tumbling Animals is based on simple geometrical forms - cut in the shape of animals. They are suitable as children´s furniture, but are designed for creative play. The child is able to tumble, roll, balance, seesaw, rock, jump and gain some bodily experience, which can serve as the foundation for further development.

The Tumbling animals are produced in firm foam with a soft surface, very easy to clean under the shower. They are tested especially for children and is free of any toxin or phthalates.

I was intrigued when I saw the product. It was a unique product as its use and function was not immediately apparent. This allowed Miss P to use it in many different ways as her imagination led her. When she first saw it, she studied it and was curious as it was not like any toy she had seen. When I flipped it on one side so she could sit and rock from side to side, she loved it. The following is a short video of her using it to rock from side to side.

The video is a very short one as Miss P is at that age where she doesn't sit still for too long before wanting to see the image I am looking at on my camera.

When I did a search on youtube, I found many other parents enjoying their bObles animals. One parent used it as an aid for the child's tummy time. The bObles chicken gave the baby on tummy time abit more of a height so they had more to see. Tummy time was thus more fun.

As a parent, I love the bObles chicken for its shape, colours, and material. The foam used to make the bObles chicken was indeed firm but lightweight. It was light enough for my 21 month old to carry it around. I like that it came in a nice carry case so if I wanted to take it with me on a playdate, I could easily and conveniently bring it along with me.

Most of all, due to the cold weather and the rain we’ve experienced, I found the bObles chicken a wonderful tool to use indoors. I was able to still keep Miss P entertained and replicate some of the fun we have outdoors, in the house. There are just so many possibilities and uses for it. I can imagine using it as a launch pad for her matchbox cars or as a balancing 'beam' for Miss P. After playing with the bObles chicken and loving it, I went to the Little Yoyo Styles website and bought a bObles 6-layer fish for Miss P. I'll blog about our play with the bObles fish in one of my future posts.

For more details or to buy a bObles animal, please have a look at the range here.

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