Friday, July 15, 2011

What was I thinking?

By Bec,

Have you ever had a "What was I thinking moment?"

This was mine!!
In hindsight it was a truly - what was I thinking, I'm the worst Mum in the world!

It was a treadmill accident.  We had just got the treadmill and Hunter decided it would be fun to have a go.  That's my first "what was I thinking?"  Why would I think it's okay for a 4 year old to go on a treadmill?
Next - I left the room as I was tidying up - again "what was I thinking?"  Why on earth would I leave a 4 year old unsupervised on a treadmill?

I heard the screams and I don't think I've run as quickly in my life.  He had put it onto 4 - 4km her hour is too fast for a 4 year old on a treadmill.  He couldn't keep up, slipped to the back of the treadmill and got caught on the rubber, between the treadmill and the wall.  He got burns all over his leg, back and arms. 

I said at one stage after the accident, treadmills aren't for kids.  Which led to - well why did you let me go on it Mummy?  (In that sad voice) - again, "what was I thinking?"

He had daily visits to the nurse for a week and a half to re-dress his burns.  And then daily vitamin E cream!  He is fine now, but boy do I feel like a bad Mummy!

Have you ever had a "what was I thinking?" moment?

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