Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dressing Up **Review**

by Becky from

Like so many other children, my girls adore dressing up. For the most part, it's fairies and princesses with lots of frills, glitter, twirls and magic so when we received this Super smart two pieces gentleman set in Kahlei's size to review I wasn't sure how she would take to it.

Thankfully, she decided it was the perfect Dress-Up piece and created a funny, shuffling little character to go along with her new look.

This 100% cotton long-sleeve romper has the most adorable bow-tie and (attached) braces, it has snap studs on the inside of the legs for easy access nappy changes and comes with a matching suit jacket. Once it's a little cooler she will be able to wear that on top.

She loves it and I think she looks oh-so-cute (no bias here, hehe).

I am a big fan of dressing up. The role play elements of dressing up encourages social skill building, gives children the ability to play out real life situations and gives them the chance to work on problem solving. And, of course, there's the obvious benefits of allowing their imaginations to develop and soar.

Add the Super smart two pieces gentleman set to your dress up box or buy for your little boy to wear to special occasions for $39.60.

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